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Cosmetic Dentistry: solid and lasting

As you age and acquire certain habits that leave their mark on your oral structures, you think of your dentist and make a mental note that you ought to visit soon. While facial treatments or a new haircut every now and then is part of your routine, why shouldn’t cosmetic work done on your teeth be a more solid and lasting recourse? It can cost more than a visit to the beauty salon but the effects are incomparable if it can totally transform your face, your smile and overall self-esteem for the better. What cosmetic options are available anyway at the dentist’s office?

The most popular cosmetic procedure is teeth whitening; great for mature teeth, discolored teeth from foods and drinks that stain, and even smoker’s teeth. Your dentist can do an in-office whitening or design customized trays for home use that fit your arches and contain some whitening solution. Bonding is another procedure that treats chipped, broken, cracked or stained teeth, or even if you have extra spaces between teeth. Tooth-colored materials, usually composite resins, are applied to those breaks, including cavities, to restore normal tooth surface. Enamel shaping and contouring is another option that changes the shape, length, or position of teeth that may be crooked, overlapped, or chipped. Bonding is usually combined with this procedure.

Veneers are also popular options. These ultra-thin porcelain shells are permanently bonded to the front teeth that have discolored, are chipped or worn, poorly shaped or slightly crooked. They’re also great for spaces in-between teeth. If not veneers, crowns are good alternatives for the same type of problems, especially for the back teeth. They completely cover the teeth, restoring the shape and appearance. They’re also used for implants, bridges, and after root canal treatment.

Before deciding which cosmetic procedure is best for you, know the benefits and risks of the process.

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