Dental Health Resolutions for a New You in 2018

A Bright Smile Tells It All

When we make new year resolutions, we are more likely not to keep it. We may even start off well only to not follow through. However, when it comes to our health, we take it a little more seriously. Oral health is one health aspect we try to face off squarely as we know it impacts overall well-being. These are four resolutions we might just be able to keep going.

How about scheduling a new dental appointment? Did you know that according to the ADA, one-third of Americans don’t see their dentist yearly? It’s a sad state of affairs especially knowing that tooth decay and gum disease are rampant and that most people show up at the dentist’s when things are a bit too late. So plot a date in your calendar or, better still, pick up the phone and schedule your slot. It might be the best thing you’ll ever do in a long while. And when your at the dentist’s clinic, schedule your next before leaving. That way a friendly reminder from them will keep you on track.

You’re okay with brushing, but how about flossing?

Know that brushing alone is not going to save your teeth from plaque buildup. The best toothbrush nor best toothpaste for you cannot always free your teeth of harmful debris. There will be places you’ll miss and areas you cannot reach by brushing alone. You need to floss, too. Once a day flossing may do, especially before bedtime, so that you don’t let food debris stay overnight and do their damage. Don’t forget.

Please cut-back on the sugar. We all know that too much sugary foods and drinks are notorious harbingers of dental caries and decay. The amount of sugar you take in corresponds to your risks for dental decay. Remember that the longer sugar stays in the mouth and the frequency of exposure to it increase your risks considerably. Limit your consumption by buying less treats or snacks, replace your sweet beverages with water, gargle regularly with water, chew sugar-free gum if the craving strikes you, and don’t add any more sugar to your food and drinks. Please eat more mouth-healthy foods, like dairy products high in calcium, and fibrous foods that can promote more saliva and scrub away food bits.

Kick your smoking habit. The new year is the best time to start. Smoking doubles your risk for gum disease and is linked to a host of other health issues. Plan and put a date to it, discard all your smoking paraphernalia, and solicit the help of family and friends. Picture yourself looking like those awful victims of waste and degeneration, smokers who wouldn’t quit, not very far into the future. Replace this habit with some healthy activity, like sports. Have a bright smile. Live longer and enjoy life.

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