Why It’s So Great To Have a Family Dentist In West Seattle

Advantages of Having a Family Dentist

If you find a dentist who specializes in treating different members of a family, you’ll have someone who can attend to the needs of your family regardless of age. It can be wearisome to go to a different dentist for every family member, make schedule adjustments, and perhaps forget appointment dates among others. Know what benefits are instore if your family goes to the same provider.

One, it simplifies dental care. The family can avail of their routine cleanings in one sitting. There is no need to schedule appointments with different providers on different days. And one other good is that these visits train your children at an early age about oral hygiene and the importance of regular check ups. The provider can be their regular go-to dentist right up to adulthood. When you join your children for the visits, the kids develop

Family dentists offer a variety of services to patients – those indicated for pediatric to geriatric cases. Most have a complete line-up of services – cleaning, teeth whitening, teeth extraction, dentures or veneers for adults, retainers for teenagers, sealants for kids among others, and fluoride treatments for all. They can also diagnose oral diseases, provide digital radiography and imaging and interpret them, ensure safe anesthesia delivery, monitor growth and development of children’s teeth. You really don’t have to travel between providers in order to get the oral health care you need.

Trust and personal relationships build easier with your family dentist. Many dentists like these have developed long-term relationships with their patients, the kids become comfortable with their dentist and the older ones regard the provider as a family friend, the go-to person for all things dental and more. It is easier to express the littlest concerns and make treatment procedures more comfortable to perform.

With just one dentist for all things, your medical and dental history is known by your provider. Your history and records are all in one place. The family dentist’s staff – the office manager, assistants and hygienists – have also become familiar with the family members. From the door to the chair, each family member is made comfortable because of familiarity. This saves time making follow-ups and dental appointments, too.

More Than A Family Friend in West Seattle

Your family dentist takes the practice of preventive dentistry quite seriously, with the aims of preventing early onset of decay, cavities and gum disease. Seeing you and your kids is a learning lesson each time at the clinic. Come and see your family dentist at Overlake Dental, one of your best choices in West Seattle.