The Popularity of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Composites: favorite dental filling material

Patients who come for dental treatment for their cavities are likely to have fillings, which are durable, non-toxic materials used to act as ‘fillers’ in tooth locations where a cavity has been. Signs of decay are removed, the cavity is cleansed, treated, and prepared to receive the filling material. The material of choice must be strong to withstand tooth stress, able to be shaped according to tooth structure and function, and must be safe for the oral tissues. The location and extent of decay, cost of filling material, and your dentist’s recommendation help in determining the type of filling best for you.

Dental materials which are the color of teeth are very popular with dentists and patients alike. Apart from their safety and durability, tooth-colored fillings, properly called composite fillings, mimic the natural color of teeth and blend easily with the rest of your oral structures. It’s going to look like as if you haven’t had dental work.

Other things that may interest you about composite fillings concern how these materials chemically bond well with tooth structure, the bonding is tight and makes the treated tooth a lot stronger. When preparing the tooth for composite, less natural tooth structure needs to be taken out by drilling, so the preparation is a lot easier for your dentist. Likewise, composites are versatile, not just as cavity fillers but also are used to repair chipped, broken, or worn teeth.

These advantages make tooth-colored fillings sought after. Composites are, however, more expensive than other types of filling materials. Their effectiveness highly depends on the skill and training of your dentist.

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