Replacing the Old with New Dentistry

When Old Dentistry needs to go

You’ve had those dental works for a long time and it seems they are not giving you problems. However, they just don’t look the same as when you first got them. You know that dental works serve us a long time, but they will not last forever. Especially if one’s dental hygiene practices are on the poor side, or you are not going for dental check-ups regularly, you’d never know that your crown, filling or veneer has already reached the end of the line.

You ought to be replacing your old crown, such as when there is breakage or damage to the crown, most especially if made of porcelain. Also, replacements are called for if the crown has worn out due to constant use, or has discolored and no longer matches the color of the rest of your teeth. Remember, while crowns don’t decay, the natural tooth underneath it can.

For old dental fillings, replace if the filling has cracked, chipped off, or slowly worn away and food debris and bacteria can seep in through entry points. Sometimes it is the cement bond, the one that binds natural tooth to artificial crown, that is weakened or broken. Before the pulp gets involved, old fillings should be replaced. As far as veneers go, have them replaced if they have cracks, stains, if they keep dislodging or if they start to smell from underneath.

Out with the Old, In with the New in West Seattle Dentistry

For all these cases of old dentistry, seek the help of your West Seattle dentist. He will tell you that early detection minimizes the need for extensive and costly procedures. When you drop by First Impressions, have your old dental works examined. They might be due for replacements.