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Looking after Tongue Health: West Seattle Dentist

Help Tips for a Healthy Tongue

The state of your tongue can very well speak about your hygiene practices and can even tell the status of your overall health. You may not know that oral health is not just about teeth brushing and flossing. Your tongue needs as just much attention, too. A few tips might help you along.

Your tongue needs brushing, too. But do not use the bristles part of the toothbrush for that, instead the reverse part of it if that is provided for by your brush. Or you may use a brush specifically designed for tongue-brushing, sometimes called a tongue-scraper or tongue-cleaner.

The scraper must be thoroughly cleaned before use, that scraping must be in a downward motion two to three times and not too vigorously or you’d hurt your tongue. Do use toothpaste to coat your tongue before you scrape. Remember that you are removing harmful bacteria from your tongue and doing so regularly prevents them from growing and spreading.

While toothpaste neutralizes bacteria on the tongue, rinsing with mouthwash after scraping eliminates bad odor. However, mouthwashes may dry out the mouth so use them only occasionally. Take a half glass of lukewarm water and put in a half teaspoon of salt. Rinse your mouth five to six times a day with it.

Additionally, drink green tea; it eliminates oral bacteria, too. Drink plenty of water to hydrate your mouth. Know that sometimes, dehydration changes the tongue’s color. Avoid black grapes and berries also; they leave their color on your tongue. And if you notice a whitish layer on the tongue during high fever, you can scrape that off.

However, it is likely a fungal infection if it doesn’t get off. For that you might need to see your dentist.

Know More about Tongue Health! Ask our West Seattle dentist

When you come by your dentist in West Seattle the first time, you’ll surely go through a thorough oral examination that includes your tongue. Get to know a complete assessment of your oral status that can lead to a better understanding of what you might need for optimal oral health.

Tooth Bonding by West Seattle Dentist

The Best Uses of Tooth Bonding

If you’ve ever had tooth bonding, you’ve had a cosmetic procedure done on your tooth. It is simply using a tooth-colored material, such as resin, bonded to tooth using adhesives and a high intensity curing light. The procedure restores the natural appearance of teeth that were discolored, chipped or decayed.

Aside from repairing, bonding can alter the shape and length of teeth as may be necessary to align them with others, such as adding tooth-colored resin to edges of teeth that have been worn out. It can take the place of a gap between teeth and protect an exposed root portion after gum tissue has receded.

Bonding is a relatively easy procedure, takes minimal to no preparation unlike using veneers or crowns, and in most cases not requiring anesthesia except when a decayed tooth is involved. It is a common, short office visit (except if multiple teeth need treatment), and must be the least expensive of cosmetic dental procedures.

Due to some inherent limitations of its own, bonded teeth are best suited to small cosmetic changes, ideal for correction of frontal teeth owing to the less stress and pressure they are subject to.

Care for teeth that have undergone bonding is similar to that you give to your natural teeth. Proper oral hygiene as brushing and flossing are essential to maintain their appearance and function. Regular dental visits are as important to see to how bonded teeth are holding up and to check for any chips or discolorations on the surfaces. Your dentist will be able to tell you if bonding is right for you or may make other recommendations relative to your personal conditions.

Cosmetic Solution by Your West Seattle Dentist

A consultation with First Impressions Dental, can help determine if tooth bonding is just right for you. Your West Seattle dentist can provide options depending on the concerned tooth’s condition.

Anesthesia and Sedation in West Seattle

Different Ways to Block Pain

The choice of the right type of anesthesia and sedation for you will depend on several factors. Your dentist and you will agree on the particular treatment procedure you need, your level of apprehension will have to be considered, as well as history of allergies and your overall health.

Sedation methods come in various forms and strengths. One form is via inhalation, such as nitrous oxide gas, while there are also oral drugs and injectable sedatives. They can provide mild to moderate or deep sedation depending on the dental treatment employed. Sedatives can be administered before or during a procedure. You are actually conscious with mild or moderate sedation and can respond but maybe not speak.

Together with an anesthetic to block the pain, you are just more relaxed, more comfortable, and your recovery would be quick and easy. But if your treatment is complex and lengthy, deep sedation would be necessary.

Local anesthesia comes in injectable form. It aims to numb the area the dentist is going to work on by blocking the pain signals of the nerves therein. Sometimes, you might even request for topical anesthesia, which is an ointment applied to the area so you don’t feel the pain where the needle is to be injected. You are fully awake and able to respond under local anesthetics. On the other hand, there are situations that might merit using general anesthesia where there is total absence of consciousness during a procedure.

Painless Dentistry by West Seattle Dentist

First Impressions Dental in West Seattle offers different forms of sedation and anesthesia for pain numbing in our various dental procedures. Our methods are safe and effective and performed by certified and qualified practitioners. While we strive to achieve excellent treatment outcomes, we do this with our patients’ overall comfort and well-being in a stress-free environment.

West Seattle Dentist: Natural Color is Better

White versus Silver Fillings

The popularity of tooth-colored filling materials is due to the public’s demand for aesthetically acceptable restorations that are metal-free, hence safer. They are not limited to frontal teeth use only as even the molars can be restored using them. Tooth-like materials, such as composite resins and porcelain, have been proven safe and predictable as validated by scientific data. They bond exceedingly well with tooth enamel and dentin, hence, strengthening tooth integrity further. This is a case of modern dentistry mimicking nature.

On the other hand, there is amalgam, a metal mix of mercury, silver, tin and copper used in dentistry in over 150 years. Mercury in amalgam fillings is not toxic. It changes its character when combined with other materials. It is the only element proved to bind the mixture together so that it becomes easily manipulated by the dentist to fill in a tooth cavity. Mercury in amalgam released in the mouth when you eat is so negligible, you’d probably get more mercury in your food and water. And so, is that the reason why some dentists still use amalgam?

Amalgam, sometimes called silver fillings, has withstood the test of time with a proven track record of safety, durability, and affordability. While a dentist finds it easy to work with amalgam, due to its quick binding with tooth structure, he has to create sufficient space on the tooth, large enough (to include healthy enamel and dentin) with undercuts provided so that amalgam will hold. That’s relatively easy for him with modern tools.

Using composites is quite different. It requires a dentist’s skills and experience, and more time, to place the white fillings diligently and carefully to avoid gaps and future leaks. It also saves tooth structure for there’s no need to enlarge space where the composite is to be placed. All in all, it makes a great filling material with the color of real teeth.

White Fillings with West Seattle Dentistry

Look no further than your West Seattle dentist for white or tooth-colored fillings. They are safer, looking natural as real healthy teeth, and as sturdy and durable as amalgam fillings in the hands of an expert.

Cosmetic Dentistry by West Seattle Dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry: solid and lasting

As you age and acquire certain habits that leave their mark on your oral structures, you think of your dentist and make a mental note that you ought to visit soon. While facial treatments or a new haircut every now and then is part of your routine, why shouldn’t cosmetic work done on your teeth be a more solid and lasting recourse? It can cost more than a visit to the beauty salon but the effects are incomparable if it can totally transform your face, your smile and overall self-esteem for the better. What cosmetic options are available anyway at the dentist’s office?

The most popular cosmetic procedure is teeth whitening; great for mature teeth, discolored teeth from foods and drinks that stain, and even smoker’s teeth. Your dentist can do an in-office whitening or design customized trays for home use that fit your arches and contain some whitening solution. Bonding is another procedure that treats chipped, broken, cracked or stained teeth, or even if you have extra spaces between teeth. Tooth-colored materials, usually composite resins, are applied to those breaks, including cavities, to restore normal tooth surface. Enamel shaping and contouring is another option that changes the shape, length, or position of teeth that may be crooked, overlapped, or chipped. Bonding is usually combined with this procedure.

Veneers are also popular options. These ultra-thin porcelain shells are permanently bonded to the front teeth that have discolored, are chipped or worn, poorly shaped or slightly crooked. They’re also great for spaces in-between teeth. If not veneers, crowns are good alternatives for the same type of problems, especially for the back teeth. They completely cover the teeth, restoring the shape and appearance. They’re also used for implants, bridges, and after root canal treatment.

Before deciding which cosmetic procedure is best for you, know the benefits and risks of the process.

Safe and Expert Cosmetic Dentistry in West Seattle

Find out at First Impressions Dental which treatment works best for you. Our West Seattle dentist will help you decide how to remake your smile with our complete line of cosmetic procedures.