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Should I Use Tartar Control Toothpaste?

You have many options when you go to buy your toothpaste. When you browse through the dental care aisle, one of the terms you’re probably going to see a lot of is “tartar control”. But what does this mean, exactly, and how do you know whether or not this is the right choice for you and your family?

The purpose of a tartar control toothpaste is to give you superior protection against the development of tartar on your teeth. This is accomplished with the inclusion of chemical compounds, like pyrophosphates and zinc citrate, which are very effective in discouraging tartar buildup. Some tartar control toothpastes also feature antibiotics that help to control your oral bacteria.

Tartar control toothpaste can, indeed, be a good option. The important thing to remember is that it is only effective for preventing the development of new tartar, and it will not help you to remove tartar that is already on your teeth. You can only safely remove this tartar with the help of a professional dentist. Consult our West Seattle dentist to schedule a regular cleaning.

Bulimia vs. Your Teeth

Bulimia is an unfortunate eating disorder that has a strong impact on your health. A bulimic will eat regular meals, but then immediately induces vomiting in an effort to avoid gaining weight. For obvious reasons, this is highly unhealthy. Your system is being deprived of most of the vital nutrients it needs, inviting many deficiencies and diseases upon yourself. Further, a bulimic is seriously affecting his or her dental health.

The important thing to remember is that vomiting is brutal on your mouth. Every time you regurgitate, you are exposing your teeth, throat, and gums to the brutal digestive acids that break down the food in your stomach. The effects are manageable if you only vomit occasionally, but a regular habit of inducing vomiting will quickly erode your tooth enamel and break down your sensitive gum tissues. For this reason, bulimics often suffer from serious decay and periodontal problems, which accounts for their reputation of losing teeth.

Our West Seattle dentistry clinic encourages you to do the right thing for your oral health, and say no to bulimia.

Does Oil Pulling Work?

There is a recent trend in dental care known as “oil pulling”. This is where tooth brushing is replaced by vigorously swishing with natural oil for twenty minutes, two times a day. It is claimed that the oil cleans your teeth, reduce inflammation, and grant you many other health benefits. But is this really worth tossing out your toothbrush?

Frankly, many of the claims attached to oil pulling are downright ridiculous, and the rest are backed up with highly suspect scientific studies. It can be difficult to entirely discount the practice, of course, but it does remain clear that it is no substitute for tooth brushing.

If you need evidence of this, try swishing with oil for twenty minutes for yourself. Your jaw will likely be tired within the first few minutes. Further, you’re still not deriving the same benefits of two minutes of regular toothbrushing with a fluoride toothpaste. With this in mind, our West Seattle dentistry clinic advises that you stick with familiar oral care techniques over strange fads.

Watching Out for Dental Abscesses

If you get a cavity, you ought to get it fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, you are putting yourself at serious risk for a debilitating infection called a dental abscess that will cause you even more pain than a simple cavity would. Abscesses are caused when the bacteria that caused your cavity penetrate deep enough into your tooth to flourish in the soft tissues and bones of your face and neck. At this point, you may experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Redness, swelling, or tenderness around the mouth or face
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Pus drainage
  • Difficulty opening your jaw
  • 2Difficulty swallowing

Should you experience these symptoms, contact our West Seattle dentistry clinic as soon as you can manage.

How to Brush Your Teeth

Do you know how to properly brush your teeth? It may not be as simple as you think. Many of the patients who visit us at our West Seattle dentistry clinic have problems that can be linked to improper tooth brushing techniques, so consider the following tips for getting the most out of your daily oral hygiene:

  • Brush two times a day, for two minutes at a time. Try to schedule your brushing for before breakfast and before you go to sleep at night. You might consider brushing three times a day, but brushing more frequently than this is probably doing more damage than good.
  • Moisten your brush and apply a thin layer of toothpaste.
  • Hold your brush at a forty-five degree angle to your teeth.
  • Don’t saw your teeth! Move your brush in small circles. Ideally, your bristles should be gently massaging your gums so that you clean your delicate tissues without scrubbing them away.