West Seattle Dentist: Here is Periodontal Therapy Sans The Surgery

Periodontitis: When The Choice Is Non-Surgical

Treatment of choice for gum disease depends on the stage of the disease, your overall health as patient, and your response to previous treatments. There’s the surgical approach and the non-surgical, and the success of either approach will depend on the three aforementioned conditions.

When you say surgical, it means the dentist will have to restore destroyed periodontal or gum tissue and that will involve some surgery. On the other hand, the dentist opting for the non-surgical approach will need to control bacterial growth by means that are not surgical, such as cleaning.

Professional dental cleaning is not invasive and involves manually removing dental plaque and tartar that has built up on tooth surfaces and spaces in between teeth. It reaches into tooth pockets to scrape off tartar that adhered on root surfaces, above and below the gum line. These are debris that bacteria can colonize and initiate decay. Professional dental cleaning is also sometimes called Root Scaling and Planing, but this is more aggressive.

It involves also smoothing the root surfaces to prevent bacteria from clinging. It can be extensive or more frequent than twice a year depending on the health of your gums. As long as your gums are not yet infected, this procedure can staved off cavity formation and gum swelling. It’s preventive, so it cannot be the treatment if you already have active gum disease.

Another non-invasive approach is the use of the tray delivery system which consists of a custom-fit tray made from impressions of your mouth. Used at home the trays carry medications, like antiseptics or antibiotics, that penetrate gum tissue surrounding teeth and kill living bacteria present and provide an aseptic environment. This is usually effective as an adjunct treatment for surgical and non-surgical approaches.

Don’t Wait Til It Becomes Serious

Both non-surgical approaches to periodontal disease are offered by your West Seattle dentist. Both approaches don’t require surgery and can prove effective in the long run. Best suited when you still have no active gum disease, why don’t you come by 1st Impressions Dental. It will save you more in terms of time and money.