Why The Brown Spots On Teeth?

What Causes Brown Spots on Teeth?

People who have brown discoloration on their teeth usually have less than healthy lifestyle habits. They ought to know that ceasing from unhealthy practices can improve teeth color or at least stop it from progressing. Sometimes, through no fault of their own, people can acquire the discoloration. Other causes can be systemic diseases and their treatment. To be specific, let’s profile each one of them and see how treatment can improve things.

There are many dark-colored foods and drinks that contain chemicals which can stain tooth enamel, such as tannic acid in red wine. Coffee, dark and white teas, colas, and sports drinks are others. They are not only acidic but many have artificial colors and dyes that can stain teeth.

Nicotine and tobacco products contain particles that can stick to the tooth enamel. They can build up with repeated use and tend to become darker and harder to remove over time.

Tartar can discolor teeth into brownish. Also called calculus, tartar is hardened plaque. It’s the result of bacteria attacking food particles on teeth to form a sticky, translucent film called plaque. Poor oral hygiene causes the plaque to harden into tartar and only a professional cleaning by a dentist can remove it. There’s an increase risk of developing tartar among smokers, diabetics, ill, imobile or bedridden patients, women who are undergoing hormonal changes, and certain medicines like those for AIDS. These risks are accompanied by poor oral hygiene. Certainly, also tooth decay can cause discoloration.

Age and Genetics

Aging and genes are also culprits for staining teeth darker. With age, the enamel breaks down and may expose yellowish dentin underneath. On the other hand, some people are genetically predisposed to discoloration depending on several factors. For example, strength of the enamel, its response to pigments and acids and wear and tear, hereditary conditions, and abnormalities in bone or tooth formation. Enamel hypoplasia is thin enamel, which can be present at birth or is acquired.

Celiac disease, in which a person is hypersensitive to gluten, can also cause brown patches or spots on teeth. Severe fluorosis can cause dark brown spots and pits as well, owing to overuse of fluoride in childhood. Certain medications like tetracycline in young children can also lead to browning of the teeth.

Treating Discolorations in West Seattle

The best treatment of the brown spots on teeth can be determined by its cause. Ask your dentist in West Seattle about your best course of action. There’s no reason to live with these discolorations if you can seek our help here at 1st Impressions Dental in West Seattle.