Essential Teeth Cleaning

Benefits of Professional Cleaning

Oral prophylaxis is a basic cleaning procedure performed by the dentist or a dental hygienist that cleans teeth as thoroughly as possible. It is highly recommended at the bare minimum of every 6 months for the average patient, with additional cleanings depending on patient profile, such as every 3 to 4 months if periodontitis is present.

Cleaned teeth is actually your first line of defense against bacterial attacks which cause cavities and decay. It is one of dentistry’s most important preventive treatments. The overall health of your mouth, in fact, may depend on whether or not you get your twice yearly cleaning.

Oral prophylaxis have health-saving benefits for both your mouth and body. For starters, regular cleaning may rid your mouth of halitosis, which is any foul-smelling breath resulting from rotting food particles below the gum line that can turn into a serious infection and other periodontal issues. Your regular brushing and flossing also keeps your gum free of swelling and inflammation. Firm, pinkish and firmly attached gums are signs of healthy gums, free of gingivitis, the earliest form of periodontitis.

Dental prophylaxis also frees your teeth of tartar, the resulting buildup of plaque and calculus which accumulates over time at the back of your front teeth, in between premolars and molars, and under the gum line. Without professional cleaning the debris can hardened which not even daily brushing or flossing can remove. This accumulation can easily lead to tooth decay or a serious gum disease without the cleaning.

An aesthetically pleasing smile is another benefit of oral prophylaxis. Professional cleaning can rid teeth of yellowish hues or stains; even ugly teeth can look bright again when given a thorough, deep cleaning. Surface stains can become permanent if they are left to set into the teeth over a long period of time. Regular cleanings can reverse stains, even stains that have set in; in time they become lessened and may disappear.

Even a person who is meticulous about cleaning teeth and gums will typically develop calculus deposits at some locations in the mouth. Remember that it is easy for bacterial plaques to mineralize and adhere to teeth and restorations, making home-care and future cleanings more difficult. There’s really no alternative to having your teeth professionally cleaned on an appropriate interval best determined by your dentist.

No Compromise for Professional Cleaning in West Seattle

Even if you perceive you have the cleanest mouth and the most sparkling whites, a professional cleaning is always in order. Ensure healthy mouth and protected teeth and gums in West Seattle.